Technical consultancy

Our integral service focuses on everything that allows us to improve housing. We offer budgets, without any commitment, with the aim of giving more value to your properties.

  • Processing of habitability certificates
  • Certificates of energy efficiency
  • Reforms and rehabilitation of spaces
  • Personalized spaces

In collaboration with:

Judicial consultancy

We have a legal department composed of a team of lawyers specialized in the real estate, urban and commercial law.

We offer global wealth management services, giving a new vision in the world of investment. Our main objective is the continuous and controlled growth of our clients heritage, realizing an integral service of value of the patrimony and the guardianship real estate.

Among our services we highlight the following:

  • Estate management, study and search of the best real estate investment opportunities
  • Post acquisition follow-up
  • Negotiation and real estate contracting
  • Real estate taxation with economic control of promotions
  • Representation and negotiation with the administration
  • Planning, urban management, urbanization projects
  • Separations and groupings of goods
  • Purchase and sale and rent
  • Testament and inheritance
  • Contest of capital gains
  • Legal activities around mortgages

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